District Assessors & Trainers

Training Advisers (Modules 1-19)

Matthew HardmanCounty Training Advisermatthscouts@hotmail.com
JP Ashton-KinlinCounty Training Adviserjp.ashton@syscouts.org.uk
David HoarCounty Training Adviserdthscouts@gmail.com
Ian JacksonCounty Training Adviseri_jackson3@sky.com
Laura CrookesCounty Training Adviser265thgreenhillscoutgroup@gmail.com
Stephen WinnardCounty Training Advisers.winnard456@btinternet.com
Darian CharlesworthCounty Training Adviserdarian_charlesworth@hotmail.co.uk
Rob WebsterCounty Training Adviserwebs0003@doctors.org.uk
Tom SmithCounty Training Advisertom@woodseatsexplorers.org.uk

Module 10 Trainers (Inc. 10B Assessors)

JP Ashton-KinlinCounty Trainer- First Aidjp.ashton@syscouts.org.uk
Rob WebsterCounty Trainer- First Aidwebs0003@doctors.org.uk

District Nights Away Advisers

Barrie HockingNA Adviser (Greenfield)barrie.hocking@virgin.net
Stephen WinnardNA Adviser (Greenfield)s.winnard456@btinternet.com
Andy PlummerNA Adviser (Assessor)a.plummer.ap@googlemail.com

RLSS Rookie Instructors*

Barrie HockingRLSS Swimming Instructorbarrie.hocking@virgin.net 
Bob TeasdaleRLSS Swimming Instructorbob.teasdale@btconnect.com

*Other Royal Life Saving Society Swimming Instructors include Richard Garrett, Nick Taylor, Mark Mitchell, Daniel Mitchell, Sam Thompson, Megan Hughes and other Young Leaders / Explorers.


The permit scheme is designed to ensure that all those leading adventurous activities for young people within Scouting have the skills, experience and personal suitability to do so.

There are three levels of permits available; personal, leadership and supervisory.

Current permits held by leaders within Sheaf:

  • Archery (without compound bows)
  • Hill Walking (Terrain 1 and 2 Summer)
  • Kayaking (Open Inland B1 Waters)
  • Dinghy Sailing (B2 Waters)
  • Narrow Boating (B1 and B2+ Waters)
  • Power Boating (B2 Waters)
  • Nights Away (Greenfield, Campsite, Lightweight Expedition and Indoor)

If you are interested in gaining a permit, please contact Rob Batley by emailing robert.batley@gmail.com.