Firework Night Success

Norton Scout Group & The Oakes Holiday Centre host a very popular annual fireworks display on 5th November open to Scouts in our District and the community.

John Batley at 280th Norton and his team of Scouts, volunteers and stewards provided an extraordinary event for Scouters and Non-Scouters alike. This community spirit upholds the key values of Scouting, but most importantly, is a great way for family and friends to spend some quality time together with a warm cup of chocolate and entertainment lighting up the sky.

Image of the Crowd from the fireworks launch site

Shots from the firework display, bonfire and the Guy

While fireworks can be great fun, they can be dangerous if not used properly. During the bonfire season, most firework injuries treated at emergency departments happen at informal private displays. Over half of those requiring treatment are children.

Rockets are responsible for the majority of serious eye and hand injuries, however sparklers, fountains and firecrackers are also frequent sources of injury.

John and his team take safety incredibly seriously, and this adds to the success of the evening.