District Cub Scrapheap Challenge 2023

District Cub Scrapheap Challenge 2023 Well done to all of the Cubs that took part in the first ever Sheaf District Cub Scrapheap Challenge hosted at 297th Bradway HQ.This years theme: Famous UK Buildings.Cubs first planned out their structures and then had one hour to complete the challenge by using materials from the District Scrapheap pile.Points were awarded for:General behaviour during the Challenge (listening to instructions, waiting patiently, doing as they are told)Planning the making of the model (drawing a picture, labelling it, writing a list of equipment that they need)Making the model (does it look like what it’s meant to be, does it hold together, decoration)Team work (discussing with their partner, planning and building together, no arguing)Interpretation of the story and appropriateness of the model (it needs to be connected!)Clearing up afterwards (making their own area tidy, putting their model neatly, helping others if they finish) Well done to our 1st Place winners at St. Chads, followed closely in 2nd Place by Greenhill Methodist and in 3rd Place Team B from St. Pauls. Congratulations to Bradway Group A who received a group commendation.The Cubs that took part had a great time, and are already planning what they will be doing next year! Thanks to all the leaders who helped out to support the day, and many thanks to the parent helpers who also helped support the teams.

Swimming News

Swimming News 2022 Written by Bob TeasdaleIt’s that time of year, when instead of our regular 6 to 8 week courses, we run a series of one-off activities open to the packs and troops of Sheaf district. Swimmers’ Badge nightThe first of these was a chance for cubs and scouts to gain their next (or first)  Scout Swimmers badge, a proud addition to any arm in Sheaf district!  We tested a lot of skilled and enthusiastic swimmers and were pleased to be able to present 39 badges on the night – including 2 coveted level 5 badges. Splash nightsOver the following two weeks we held the 9th annual Cub and Scout Splash nights, respectively.  For the few not aware of this, these are fun team based competitions, in place of the more traditional swimming gala.  What’s more, we were pleased to be able to make this year’s event free to enter.  This year’s events were …‘Up & Under’ – a strenuous series of surface barriers and underwater hoops to negotiate‘Duck n Dive’ – diving to the bottom to recover as many coins (washers) as possible, whilst also rounding up our flock of rubber ducks‘Water Polo’ – coached by our friends from Sheffield Water Polo Club. In week one, forty five Cubs from seven packs battled it out for victory and when the water had settled, third place went to 74th Oak St.  Second was 181 St Chads and your winner was 229th Greenhill Meths  (plus a Brownie). Cub Scout Splash Winners 2022 A week later, forty Scouts from seven troops competed for senior glory in the Scout Splash.  The result had familiar feel with 74th Oak St.  again securing 3rd place and 181 St. Chads repeating their second place of the previous week.  However, we had a new winner when 46th St. Pauls (plus 1 from 74th) found themselves lifting the winners’ medals. Scout Splash Winners 2022 A big thank you to the teaching team of Sheaf Scout Swimming for their efforts and enthusiasm in making this very fast paced event such a success.

Cub Scout Splash Results 2022

Smashing Results for the Cub Scout Splash On Sunday 20th November 2022, 45 Cubs from seven packs in Sheaf District (plus a Brownie), took part in the annual Cub Scout Splash, organised by Sheaf Scout Swimming.The Cubs were divided into six teams and swam in three events to earn points (and we all know what points mean).  The winning team, comprising 7 Cubs from 229th Greenhill Methodists and a Brownie, is shown below with their medals. Congratulations on achieving 1st place. Thanks to all the Cub Packs that entered teams and to all the leaders and helpers who made the event such a success.  To other leaders and parents, don’t forget that we meet most evenings throughout the year to improve the swimming capabilities of our Cubs. Click here to find out more. Well done to everyone who took part! Although we can’t guarantee success, if you’d like to do better next year, you should consider coming on one of our courses.  To find out more, contact Barrie Hocking at barrie.hocking@virgin.net.